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Listen To Brad Costanzo, entrepreneur, marketing expert, and investor discuss what's working in business and marketing with today's top business leaders and marketing minds

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  • You love unique but proven ways to make more money
  • You're trying to grow a business and are feeling stuck
  • You sometimes watch infomercials for ideas and salescopy
  • Shark Tank is your favorite TV show
  • You like to listen to experts brainstorming business ideas
  • You sell on the internet and would like to sell more
  • You're in sales and always learning how to close better

"Killer Business Conversations That Are SO GOOD You'll Swear They're "Wrapped In Bacon!"

Here's Just A Handful Of The Topics Brad & His Guests Cover

  • Digital marketing strategies for a new era
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Youtube Advertising Secrets
  • Generating leadsfrom Facebook, Linked In & Twitter
  • Creative ways to finance your business growth​
  • Publishing for Profit
  • Building Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Startup strategies and growth hacking
  • Business Growth Strategies and Systems
  • Licensing strategies and Intellectual Property
  • Copywriting, Big Ideas and Sales Positioning
  • Sales and Persuasion Strategies
  • Sales & Marketing Funnel Design and Automation
  • Outsourcing​ & Hiring Strategies to get A Players
  • Product Launch Strategies
  • And MUCH more...


Brad Costanzo

This show is how I have fun talking to people I admire about topics that I love.  And of course, "Wrapping it in bacon" gave me permission to get creative and try to get your attention...

But I take business very seriously...

After selling my information publishing business in 2012, I have built a successful consulting practice, Costanzo Marketing Group, helping established business owners, authors and experts grow their business and expand their profits.

I believe that good marketing solves most business problems by injecting that business with cash.  And good marketing centers on proven campaigns, sound scientific advertising, unique positioning and strategic relationships that provide maximum leverage.

My "business superpower" is my ability to collect and recall profitable strategies that apply across industries and to connect and build the right relationships for me and my clients.

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Stephen Key

Dan Martell, Serial Entrepreneur, Clarity.fm, Idea To Exit

Brad's client William Worth describe's Brad's value

Brad and Peter Diamandis from Xprize

Todd Brown, Marketing Funnel Automation

Russell Brunson, CEO of Clickfunnels

Brad and Kevin Harrington at Brad's Boardroom Mastermind

Brad and Frank Kern

All of the photos above are placed here for "social proof" and to make you think that Brad is cool.  Did it work?