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How To Use Flipped Joint Ventures For Higher Profits with Bob Serling

Bob Serling

Joint ventures are one of the most powerful and leveraged business strategies available to every business owner. But many people do them wrong, have inconsistent results and get frustrated. That’s why I invited Bob Serling, one of my marketing mentors to the show.

Bob will discuss “Flipped” joint ventures and why it works so well.

Who is Bob Serling?

Bob Serling is a 30-year marketing veteran and the founder of Profit Alchemy, Inc.

His innovative take on marketing has helped hundreds of clients get exceptional results with their marketing.

  • Bob has been the monthly marketing columnist for Success Magazine…
  • invented a skateboard toy featuring Tony Hawk’s branding that was sold in toy stores and department stores all over the world…
  • cocreated and marketed advanced assessment software currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies…
  • created a one-and-a-half page prospecting letter for a client that landed an agreement for a $25 million project by being sent to just one prospect…
  • and much more.

He’s perhaps best known for having revolutionized the process of structuring joint ventures by shifting the focus from reciprocal agreements to a strategically flipped “one-sided” emphasis.

By making this shift to working only with your own list, you eliminate all the friction and problems that are the byproducts of conventional joint ventures, maintain complete control at all stages of the process, and can quickly put together an unlimited number of 6- figure joint ventures.

In this episode, Bob also refers to his new book on JV’s that you can have for free.

To download Bob Serling’s New Rules of Joint Ventures Book for Free