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Cameron Herold Has Grown 3 Companies To Over $100 Million Using ADD As A Superpower

Have you ever looked at big companies who’ve experienced explosive growth and wondered how they got so big?  Do you have a big vision for your own company but wonder if you have the expertise to personally engineer and manage this type of explosive growth yourself or if you need to bring in someone who can help bring your visions to life?

Meet Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is one of the top COO’s (Chief Operating Officers) in the world and he’s the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. (Several of them are household names like 1-800-Got-Junk).  No longer a COO for a single company, Cameron’s built a dynamic consultancy — his current clients include a ‘Big 4’ wireless carrier and a monarchy.

At age 21, Cameron had 14 employees. By 35, he’d helped build his first TWO $100 MILLION DOLLAR companies.  By the age of 42, Cameron engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue, and 3,100 employees — and he did that in just six years as their COO. His companies landed over 5,200 media placements in that same six years, including coverage on Oprah.

Cameron is the author of multiple bestselling books such as

I remember the first time I heard of Cameron was when my buddy (and past guest) Sean Stephenson called me up and told me to read “Double Double”, which I did and loved it.

But then, during my interview with Tucker Max he told me that when looking for his own Executive Coach, he read dozens and dozens of books by coaches and when he finished “Double Double”, he knew without a doubt that Cameron was the executive coach he needed to hire to help his own company grow.  I told this to my friend and superstar Integrator Annie Lee from JetSet Connect (check her out) and she made the introduction (thought you might like to see behind the scenes how some of these connections happen).

FYI, Cameron is now also on the board of Tucker Max’s company Book In A Box.


The interview with Cameron was amazing.  I love talking to people with such a sharp mind as his and he shared some amazing insights such as the mindset necessary to operate on a very high level and how to work with your second in command to get things done.

One of the most interesting parts (early on in the interview) is when he discussed the tendency for many high performance entrepreneurs to have ADD/ADHD, mild forms of Tourette’s, Bi-Polar, OCD.  So if you suspect you have any or all of these traits, Cameron will help you understand how to capitalize on what makes you different.


  • How Cameron uses his ADD as a super-power.
  • Why you absolutely need to get an executive assistant (virtual assistant or part time)
  • Focus on increasing revenue and gross margins to solve problems and stop focusing on new websites, better system, not a better product…
  • Why hiring fractional (part time, commission, freelance) helps grow your business
  • Think with the end in mind and build to that. Have a plan for what your business will look like in three years.

To contact Cameron or learn more about what he does, go to his websites and Be sure to check out his books listed above.

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