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How Dale Hensel Turns Struggling Entrepreneurs Into CEOs To Run His Businesses

In recent episodes we discussed finding a COO for your business so you could be a more effective CEO. But today our topics is about how to create and groom CEO’s for your business so they run your entire operation for you while you oversee them as an “investor-owner” instead of a managing-owner.

Meet today’s guest, Dale Hensel…

I met Dale in 2005 and we became business partners on a software company in 2008. He is a true “Opportuneur” and a very big and strategic thinker.

Dale has launched over a dozen companies in industries as diverse as real estate, software, online marketing and supplements.

His strengths include finding new business opportunities, new human capital and providing strategic direction. He mentors internal staff and the executive team to improve personal and professional skills that directly impact the bottom line.

What impressed me when I was catching up with him is that he said these days he “makes CEO’s” He went on to explain how he finds and grooms “distressed entrepreneurs” into high performing CEO’s of his own companies.

I’ve always respected Dale’s insights and creativity on business and marketing I instantly knew that you would too.

That’s why I invited him on the call today to share what he’s learned with you.


– How to make a CEO
– Why he looks for “distressed entrepreneurs”
– What exactly a “Level 5 Commitment” is
– What qualities to look for when forming your team.
– Recruiting and structuring employment agreements.

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