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Tom Collins: The 8 Figure Business Builder

tom collins

Tom Collins is one of the most experienced and sought out experts in direct response revenue optimization. He’s really into “big back ends” …of your business that is. With nearly 2 decades of experience running the most successful direct response campaigns and back end product management for the biggest gurus and marketers in the industry, […]


Nick Unsworth Interviews Brad Costanzo

This video of Nick Unsworth interviewing me, Brad Costanzo, originally appeared on Life On Fire TV Audio Only: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/4/7/2/472e6489ea66ab70/45__Brad_Costanzo_on_Creating_Credibility_Leads__Royalties_With_Amazon.mp3 We’re turning the tables and now I’m getting interviewed.  The funny thing is, this was one week before the official launch of Bacon Wrapped Business and at the end of the episode you’ll hear me talk […]