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Are Cash Producing Royalties One Of The Most Undervalued Asset Classes Tn The World?

INVESTMENT EDITION: Jeff Schneider, co-founder of http://RoyaltyExchange.com joins the show to answer Brad’s curious questions about investing in artistic and music royalties as a non-correlated asset class to a risky stock market. Did you know that you could buy the rights to popular songs and earn royalty rights just like the artists do? I heard […]


Roland Frasier On Finding Leverage In Your Business And Life

Like The Show? Subscribe on iTunes Roland Frasier: Co-founder, Native Commerce, All Channels Media, Boost Equity, Boost Events; Managing Partner, DigitalMarketer, War Room Mastermind; CEO, Unity Global (International hedge fund); Managing Partner. Specialties – growth strategy, scale, funding and exits. Prior experience: international speaker/published author; produced 16 infomercials with Guthy-Renker + k-Tel Direct; Real estate […]


Investing In Revenue Producing Websites For Passive Income With Ken Courtright

Sometimes it’s easier to just buy a business than it is to build one… especially if you’re looking for passive cash flow. In today’s episode I interview Ken Courtright who is the co-founder of IncomeStore.com, which is a company that works with investors to help them buy and sometimes build completely passive income streams from […]