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Consulting For Equity With Luke Havard

Today I’m welcoming back a friend and former guest of the show, Luke Havard. He’s the managing director at Disentis Group, and has worked with clients from all over the world.

This episode will be especially helpful if you are a business or marketing consultant or agency because Luke will show you how to keep from leaving potentially millions of dollars on the table over the course of your career and his advice will potentially change the way you do business.

Consulting For Equity

Most business consultants simply charge fees for services.  Yet many clients would happily trade equity and lucrative profit share in their business if you know how to position your value and structure your offer correctly.

In this episode you will learn Luke’s innovative model of creating a win/win for his clients and himself by structuring a deal where he not only has a bigger incentive to work with this clients, but also the advantages his clients get by using one of Luke’s equity-based consulting frameworks.

More specifically you’ll learn

  • How to ask for equity from a client without being laughed out of the room.
  • How equity consulting works with real-world examples.
  • How to give options to get the right deal for the right client.
  • How Luke decides which clients he is willing to take.

To learn more about Luke and what he does, visit his website. For one-on-one mentoring with Luke, you can email him at You can also contact him through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In,. Also, check out his previous Bacon Wrapped Business episode.

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