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The Secret To Getting A Great Assistant with Tim Francis

“Tim Francis is the founder of Great Assistant, a done-for-you service that helps Entrepreneurs get a Great Assistant.

For years, Tim had a stubborn attitude that he could work 80 hours per week and do everything on his own. Despite working late nights and early mornings, he refused to release control to others, adamant he could do everything better himself.

All that changed when a sudden, stress-induced case of Erythema Nodosum literally stopped Tim in his tracks at age 28. For three months, Tim was unable to walk. Day after day he stared at the ceiling asking himself, “”What have I done to put myself in this situation?””

One of his top takeaways was he needed to put his ego aside, get over himself, and learn to be a solid team-builder and delegator.

After years of struggling with finding an Assistant, Tim finally cracked the code. Combining new delegation skills with his new, US-based assistant Sarah, Tim finally got the bottom 80% off his task list, while he focused on the Top-20%. This rapidly multiplied his consulting rate from $40/hr to $1,000/hr, while also reducing his overall workload.

Today Tim helps other Entrepreneurs get a great assistant so his fellow Entrepreneur can avoid all the pain and suffering he went through.”

Using “360 Delegation” to get lower-value tasks off my plate so I can focus on the higher-value strategy and big ideas in my business.
Looking for influencers in the eCom, expert / info-biz, and agency worlds who’d like to have a guest team simple strategies for better delegating.

P.S. If you decide to use Tim to help you find an assistant, tell him You heard about him through Bacon Wrapped Business