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Jesse Itzler: Crushing The Comfort Zone

Imagine this… you’re an extremely successful entrepreneur with a string of mega-successes starting and selling amazing companies like Marquis Jet and Zico Coconut water after having success rapping on MTV and starting the “sports music” industry.

Now imagine you’re married to the youngest self-made female billionaire in history…

Life is good, right?! You might say “Comfortable.” This was the life of Jesse Itzler.

So why did he invite one of the toughest Navy SEALS alive to live with his family for a month and put him through the most excruciating mental and physical training imaginable?

Why is he obsessed with Crushing The Comfort Zone?

And what did he discover about the 40% rule?

He details it all in his bestselling book ” Living With A Seal: 31 Days Training With The Toughest Man On The Planet ” (MUST READ) and he goes into even more detail in my interview with him on Bacon Wrapped Business. (below)

Jesse’s is a true “entrepreneur’s entrepreneur,” he’s a genius at identifying and capitalizing on trends and nurturing relationships that can lead to multi-million dollar empires.

Plus he’s hilarious, approachable and fun.

I asked Jesse to come on the show and reveal the way his mind works, hear his biggest takeaways and share what the comfort zone means to him.

And you can read more about Jesse at his site,