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Mr. Hyper Growth Matt Gallant Reveals What’s Working Now In Digital Marketing

In 2009, I went to went to a seminar called the Hyper Growth Formula workshop and met the host, Matt Gallant. I took over 100 pages of hand-written notes and still have that notebook.

Today I invited Matt Gallant on the show so we could geek out about what’s working now in the world of digital marketing because I knew Matt would bring the heat. He does… and it sizzles!

Meet Matt Gallant

As a fanatical split-tester, he has tested well over 10,000 different marketing ideas. He currently has about 200-300 tests going on (opt-ins, sales letters, order pages, up-sells, etc.) and he has two businesses that have been around for more than a decade that are doing a healthy 7-figures each.

His most successful business last year was supplements – fundamental health products (enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, organic protein powder, etc.).

Matt’s major focus now is on becoming a better entrepreneur, businessman, team builder and process-builder.

Below Are A Taste Of The Topics and Tips That Matt Reveals On This Episode

Listen to the interview to get the most out of it, these are abbreviated notes.

Hiring Employees (Copywriters) – Tap into every pool you’ve got: Personal, Facebook, websites like Cult Of Copy or, etc.

He uses the following process;

– Filter out the “bad” ones (i.e., lower-level).
– Start with about 100 candidates. Have them write an exciting job description using their copywriting skills and make it sound enticing.
– You might get about 50-60 responses and maybe 20 of those will be bad. (Down to 40 candidates.)
– Matt uses every piece of communication (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that the candidates give him as indicators for whether or not they are worthy of consideration.
– If someone can’t communicate well, they’re out.
– 30 out of 40 will show up to the interview. Maybe 5 won’t have a microphone or camera – they’re out.
– Out of 25, 8-10 will give a really good interview.
– Give those 8-10 a “doofus test”.
– Give them three angry customer emails and ask them to respond. Only 20-25% will pass the doofus test.
– Matt will usually hire the remaining two or three candidates all for the same position. Then he’ll keep on one or two based on their performances.
– Using a personality profiling site like can be extremely helpful. It assesses your strengths based on 15-20 different attributes. This will help you better understand your employees and you can take it to better understand yourself.

**Tip** Hire a really good HR person from the beginning so that they can help you find your other employees. The above hiring process probably takes about 30 hours to do it properly for each position.

Facebook has the Power! Use these tools to tap into that power.

– Start by building a positive relevancy score.
– It can be smart to send people to articles and videos that are not selling for the first two or three shots.
– If people start hitting that “screw you” button on your ads and you don’t have that relevancy score built, that could lose you your account.
– It’s not just about claims. People themselves can get you thrown out if they feel that you’re just selling crap. Even if you’re not selling crap, some people might think you are.
– Start with content (Give, Give, Give) for the first three campaigns or pieces that you put out.
– It’s a great idea to drive people to a blog post or a blog post with a video.
– You can remarket if need be.

**Trick** To increase your ROI from remarketing, delay the dropping of the pixel by 15-45 seconds. This will help get rid of people who aren’t seriously interested.

Matt increased the visitor value of a fitness product by SIX times. It was originally set up so that the opt-in went straight to the sales letter. All Matt had to do was add some text that basically said “The ‘blah blah blah bribe’ is on its way to your inbox. Check it in a few minutes, but while you’re waiting, why don’t you read about this amazing product that can help you to do ‘X, Y, and Z’.”

Harmonization – a foundational principle of marketing.

– Add a video, which beats having only the text on top. Make a “Welcome” video that says something like, “Hey, thank you for opting in. The Bacon Bribe is on its way to your inbox. Please let me know if you love it – I think you will. Also, please white list this email.” (You can show in the video how to white list.)
– Below the video can be an article about the 3 Keys to X,Y.Z or Things to Avoid. The end of the article can lead to the sales letter.
– Insider Secret!! Go on a green screen and turn it white (your video editor will know how to do this). Instead of doing “Brad’s Ultimate Bacon Secrets” on the order page, do a video stating your guarantee. Break it down in the video. Make it about 60-90 seconds long. Turning the screen white will allow the video to blend into the background of your webpage, which is more esthetically pleasing to the eye.
– Crazy Guarantee – Matt’s craziest guarantee (which he reluctantly reveals)

Relevancy, Congruency, and Authenticity are the keys to Harmonization

– Make sure the product is Relevant to the group of people you’re targeting for something.
– Segment or you’re screwed. Segment the crowd and then give those people the relevant content, emails, offers, products.
– Write ad copy that’s congruent to the landing page. 80-90% of ads don’t do that.
– Put the same headline in the ad and on the landing page.
– After you acknowledge the bribe, drive them to the sales letter, which should be harmonized with the train of thought you’re going on.
– Example: If you’re selling an Adwords product, you better have an Adwords bribe.
– Harmonize the product, sales letter, thank you page of the opt-in page, the opt-in page, and the ad. It’s not always easy, so just ask yourself if it feels off kilter or disjointed. If it does, adjust the harmonization.
– Keep in mind, when a customer clicks on your ad, they ask three questions:
– Where am I?
– What can I do here?
– Why should I do it?


– The most important number is Visitor Value because it encompasses all of it.
– Track the Visitor Value from every traffic source (Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.)
– This is important because it varies. In one of Matt’s companies, the traffic they get from Youtube is, on a Visitor Value, worth more than double everything else.
– Contact Matt to talk about Gold Lantern, a program Matt helped develop that tracks your Visitor Value over time so you not only know what your Visitor Value is, but what it is from every time slice (24 hrs., 30 days, 60 days, etc.). It allows you to know that, for example, if you break even in 30 days, then after 90 days you’ll be doubling your money.

Additional Info

– Matt is always looking for great integrators
– Check out the last episode of Bacon Wrapped Business with Mark C. Winters about Visionaries and Integrators.
– Matt does consulting for the day or pay-for-performance deals.
– Go to to check out Matt’s books, Triple Your Productivity: The 20 Hour Work Week and The Limitless Life: The 7 Sacred Choices That Create The Life Of Your Dreams.
– This fall, Matt will release Level Five Marketing.

Go to and hit reply on any post to contact Matt.

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