Mike Koenigs And The Power of Your Platform - Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Mike Koenigs And The Power of Your Platform

Mike Koenigs knows how to get people noticed.  The bestselling author of “You Everywhere Now” and the founder/CEO of TrafficGeyser.com and InstantCustomer.com, Mike is on the cutting edge of technology and education when it comes to helping business owners build their platform and distribute their message.

He has worked with several global brands like 20th Century Fox, Sony Entertainment, and BMW, as well as notable celebrities including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, and Brian Tracy.

Mike is a three-time #1 bestselling author and is also a speaker, a filmmaker, and a philanthropist – simply cutting edge in everything he does!

I’ve invited Mike on the show to discusses the power of having a platform like a podcast, a book or other medium to build thought leadership and the concept of “You, Everywhere, Now”

In this episode of Bacon Wrapped Business, you’ll discover:

03:32 – Today’s digital trends people can take advantage of quickly and easily
05:30 – How to get any audience in the world and connect with them for free
07:33 – The new way of thinking about your business and building your tribe
08:53 – What’s coming: Apple TV disrupting cable
10:00 – Framing the business you’re in
10:58 – How Mike met and did business with Richard Dreyfuss
16:40 – How Mike positioned himself to work with Richard Dreyfuss
18:46 – Having the resources to connect with virtually anyone
20:25 – The next most powerful thing: Starting a podcast
21:17 – Ways to move the needle and grow your business
22:18 – Getting your book published on Amazon
23:24 – Why Bacon Wrapped Business was born
24:51 – How you can get to anyone’s home for under $10
29:00 – Sending your book as a gift
33:22 – Delivering a heartfelt video on Facebook
35:47 – About Mike’s book You Everywhere Now (includes the 10x10x4 Formula)
37:10 – The credibility of having your own book
40:30 – Being an author without being a writer
42:03 – Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer
44:15 – What Instant Customer can do for you
45:15 – How every podcast episode becomes a lead capture opportunity
47:05 – Why every business person should have a book and a podcast show
50:31 – Why we live in the greatest moment and the safest time of human history
53:40 – Your responsibility to share and broadcast yourself
54:24 – Wayne Dyer’s story of success
56:31 – Mike’s radical life transformation: Kicking cancer’s butt and the lessons he learned
1:02:08 – His mission to create a million entrepreneurs
1:03:27 – Mike’s key to happiness: Cultivating ________.
For more information on Mike’s programs visit www.trafficgeyser.com or www.instantcustomer.com

If you have any questions or challenges or would like a second opinion on your business strategy, email askbrad@baconwrappedbusiness.com and let me know.

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