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Inside The Marketing Mind Of Neil Patel

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Neil Patel is one of the most prolific and expert content marketers in the business.  His blog posts are legendary in their length, frequency and depth. And he knows how to build and scale a business very quickly.

Neil Patel is a master of digital marketing and an analytics junkie. His website,, is an analytics software that uses “heatmaps” to track what people are clicking on when they visit your website – even if they aren’t clicking on actual links. This information helps business owners find the best ways to improve their websites and grow more revenue.

In addition to Crazy Egg, Neil is the co-author of the new bestselling book (available now on Amazon) Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum

Our conversation is wide-ranging. The overall focus is on marketing, but Neil ties his top strategies into a framework that applies to everybody. Whether you’re just starting out or are established and want to build your brand, his expertise can help you get to the next level of growth.

Neil’s seen it all, and he’s remarkably open and generous with his advice. It’s impossible to include everything we talked about here, but take a look at the highlights below – and then tune in to hear the entire episode.


  • The one goal that companies, big and small, need help to achieve. (Hint: it’s less complicated than you might think, and it earns him big consulting dollars that he reinvests in his business.)
  • The investment strategy that will earn you the biggest possible return. You don’t need a ton of capital to implement it, and it will pay off for the rest of your life – because it’s always growing.
  • The reason that improving his focus is his number one goal – and how he believes that doing so will help him in every area of his business.
  • Why Neil swears by guest posting, and thinks that in many ways, it’s the best way to build your brand online – better than having your own blog. (He also shares some specific strategies that can help you build relationships and get guest posting gigs, and manage your expectations in the first year you do it. You won’t want to miss it!)
  • How he uses video advertising to grow his company – including who he targets and how he targets them.
  • Why he thinks it’s preferable to buy an existing company and grow it rather than starting your own – and wishes he had done that from the start.
  • How people who are just starting out can use a process of trial and error to discover their passion. It’s normal to have difficulty pinning down what you want to do, but Neil breaks it down using meas an example. This method is one of the topics covered in his new book, Hustle, which is available on Amazon.
  • The simple, common-sense method he uses to build his brand on Instagram and Snapchat without paying the platforms’ high advertising prices. (It cuts the price he pays per Like down to practically nothing and allows him get a ton of exposure – and you can do it too.)
  • If you haven’t already checked out Crazy Egg, Neil’s killer product, click here to see what you’re missing.

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