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The Art of Facebook Lead Generation with Nicholas Kusmich

Generating leads is the lifeblood of any business, especially for sales people, experts, consultants and coaches.

That’s why I sought out one of the world’s leading lead generation experts and advanced Facebook ad specialist, Nick Kusmich.

Nick has built an empire out of what he’s most passionate about–marketing.  He is one of the top industry authorities on Facebook advertising, and is relied upon by industry leaders from multiple markets. This episode covers a high level strategies for rolling out successful Facebook funnels and ad campaignsincluding how to lower your lead costs.

Nick goes much deeper into a lead funnel than most simple media buyers, helping his clients architect the entire framework of a highly effective lead generation strategy.

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It takes the same amount of time, energy and effort to sell at $10K product does it take to sell a $100 product
  • Serve under-served segment (20%)
  • Affluent segment
Contextual Congruence
  • Picture a family BBQ, some random person comes to the party and tries to sell you a vacuum cleaner, you would be pissed off because the dude was not invited, you don’t need a vacuum cleaner, but say you needed one, it was not the time to sell one. The facebook newsfeed is the backyard BBQ and then all of sudden some marketer comes into the newsfeed with an ad trying to sell something on the spot
  • Selling on Amazon and ebay is fine, but not on Facebook. Issue is that people try to sell first. Facebook is not a commerce driven platform. It is a social platform
  • Understand the context of the platform you are on, and stay congruent to the user behavior on that platform
  • If I am trying to fill in an event, let’s do an ad to fill the event. On Facebook, there should be an intermediary step
  • Straight line is not a straight line
  • Taki Moore – Triage call
    • 9 minutes long before you move them to the strategy session call
    • 71-90% closing ratio to anyone who gets on the 2nd call
    • Make a god-father offer on the Thank you page, video on the TY page and take the offer away to get a sense of urgency, discounted offer only available for 24-hours. He got 66 people in the event. 32 people enrolled in the program.
    • $1800 expense on Facebook ad led to ~$500K revenue
  • Iceberg – 10% is above is tactical, 90% is below
  • Understand social physcology
  • tactics creates sales, strategy creates business
  • Your cold prospect, not the warm prospect, is looking for every reason to say “no” to you. We are looking to minimize resistance at all costs. Video causes resistance. Video ads are good for branding
  • Lead ads – great idea, click one button and optin, can you get cheaper leads, do those leads covert into sales, traditionally they don’t.
  • Landing page needs to be compliant, straight to lead pages or optin pages (80%)
  • Remaining 20% is content piece first and then re-targeting, pixel is uber important. Pixel allows you to mimic activities that you would have captured the email address. You can push someone through the funnel without getting their email address
  • Cross breed between landing page and content, value landing pages – piece of content that has ton of value and embedded in the value, lead with content
  • Targeting strategies – there are infinite ways to do this
  • Microtargeting – problem is that you will run out of that audience quickly
  • Target and also scale
  • Reverse funnel strategy – seasoning your pixel with specific targeting then open up the targeting as broad as possible and rely on the seasoned pixel to do most of the heavy lifting for you
  • Focus on lowest hanging fruit, identify the influencer in the space you are going after. Use the tool like Audience Insights to start expanding out even further
  • Create a lead magnet campaign, identify positioning and what asset you can offer to the marketplace to bring them unique solutions and then run ad campaigns. Once that pixel has been seasoned to generate 1000 leads, take that and if want to create a look alike audience built off 1000 leads and do that once we have 1000 customers. Once we have 1000 customers  we will create a look align audience (buyers look like), bigger more specific audience