If you'd like to read the reviews others have left, you can view those on iTunes by clicking here.

Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to REQUEST your reviews on iTunes.

Here's why...

​The more people who review my show, the more people that will find out about it.  (iTunes puts a lot of weight on the number and quality of reviews a show gets and shows with a lot of reviews move up the ranks.)

​So it's in MY best interest to get more reviews and YOUR best interest to give them so I can keep bringing you bacon wrapped business advice every week.

Unfortunately, iTunes​ doesn't always make it easy to know how to leave a review for a show.  So I decided to give you a quick tutorial

To Write a review from your Mac or PC:

1.  Open iTunes on your computer​

2.  Find my show or click here now

3.  Click the "Ratings and Reviews" tab and click "Write a Review"​

​4.  If you're not signed in already, sign in with your Apple ID

5.  Enter a title, select a star rating, write the review and then click Submit

(Reviews never show up immediately afterwards, sometimes it takes 24 hours)​

To write a review from and iOS device

​1.  Tap iTunes app or App store 

2.  Click the magnifying glass icon to Search for Bacon Wrapped Business  ***Note that you cannot review a podcast from the "My Podcasts" tab in the app.  You MUST search in the store.

3.  Tap the Reviews tab and tap "Write a Review"

4.   If you're not signed in, tap Use Existing Apple ID. If you don't have an Apple ID, tap Create New Apple ID.

5.  Select a star rating, enter a title, write your review, and tap Send.

Your review may need to be approved before it's published, so it may not appear immediately.