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Visionaries And Integrators: Rocket Fuel Co-Author Mark C Winters Explains How To Find Your Perfect Match

Have you ever wished that you could find someone who could just execute all of your ideas, run your team and make sure your company ran like a well-oiled machine?

If so, you need an INTEGRATOR on your team.

Are you great at executing and implanting ideas, organized and able to follow through on strategy, but you don’t always have the big ideas yourself… but you know that when you have the ball, the team can count on you?

If so, you need a VISIONARY.

When a Visionary meets their Integrator, and vice versa, the combination is powerful. So powerful that today’s guest, Mark C. Winters, calls it “Rocket Fuel” which is the name of the book he co-authored with Gino Wickman, author of “Traction”

Meet Mark C. Winters…

Mark has over 25 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience with businesses from small startups to multi-billion dollar companies. He recently co-wrote (with Gino Wickman) the book “Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business“. The book describes the importance of having both a visionary and an integrator working together for optimal business success. So, are you a visionary or an integrator? Find out now.

What is Rocket Fuel?

The best “rocket fuel” for making a business successful is the combination of not one, but two leaders:

Visionary: The Visionary is the dreamer, the imaginer, the one with all the ideas. They are often the CEO or founder of the business.

Integrator: The Integrator is the doer, the one who executes the ideas and puts them into action.

Integrators are much rarer than Visionaries at a ratio of roughly 4:1, so it can be difficult to find your complimentary match.

If you are having trouble finding a partner on your own, you can work with a profiling team to find your ideal match. Also, read Rocket Fuel for details on the 7-step Visionary-Integrator Connection Process.

Some of the topics we discussed include

Beginning the Search For Each other

– Once you’re ready to find your Integrator, start by putting the word out to let your network know what you’re looking for.

– You can also work with a recruiter to help you find your Integrator. Maybe your perfect match is hiding in corporate America.

Being a Visionary

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re both a visionary and an integrator. Once you find an integrator to work with, you’ll realize all the things that you were missing or that you weren’t doing well.


Many integrators don’t even realize that they are one. More and more people are now learning that this is a perfect role for them and are spreading the word to others with the same skill sets.

Fractional Integrators

A fractional integrator is basically a part-time integrator, which is better than nothing. Whether you can’t afford to hire a full-time integrator or don’t have 40+ hours a week of work for them, you might want to hire a fractional integrator. This isn’t quite the same thing as out-sourcing or out-tasking. The fractional integrator will likely develop a relationship with the visionary over time instead of just being an employee.
Integrator Mastery Forums – Mark and his team have started holding a live event for integrators in order to make more Visionary-Integrator relationships. They help to identify and create great integrators by giving them the tools and skills that will allow them to be successful integrators.

They end the forum with an issue-solving session and help to walk them through it so that they can see exactly how to handle similar issues that they will face in the future. This event also helps integrators to discover that this is the perfect role for them and it gives them a chance to meet other people who are just like them.

Additional Rocket Fuel Resources:

What are you, and what do you do? Read Rocket Fuel for a list of Visionary and Integrator qualities.

Go to Rocket Fuel’s website to take the assessment to “discover your unique strength and grow both your profitability and your impact.”

The website also offers a Membership Community that has different knowledge opportunities, and opportunities to interact directly with Mark to get your questions answered and have a continuous flow of information on how to make your Visionary-Integrator combination great. This is where you can learn about Rocket Fuel’s three phases to crystallize, connect and maximize.

Calling all integrators! If you are an Integrator (or Visionary), contact Brad at or get in touch with Mark at, LinkedIn or on Twitter.