Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Dream-Mapping Your Business The Walt Disney Way


Successfully planning any dream, project, business or creative work is critical to it becoming a reality.

Walt Disney's genius included a remarkable method to map his dreams, plan them out and then give a megaphone to the critic to ensure it succeeded.

If you've ever had a dream, business or creative and found yourself unsure how you might accomplish it, this short show will give you a proven method to turn your dreams into reality.

You'll be surprised how Walt handled the critic (internal and external) and made him the greatest ally.

Based up on the teachings of Robert Dilts, Marilou Seavy and Susan Stageman from NLP Training Concepts, this strategy has been a cornerstone of my personal planning process and something you can use immediately.

You're going to want to take notes when you download this episode.

PS  The podcast audio is above. But here is a separate speech I gave to a private audience about this exact subject.  Enjoy and Share if you like it