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Adam Lyons: The Secret of Positivity, Productivity and Profits


Adam Lyons went from being voted “Least likely to ever get a girlfriend” in high school by his classmates to being voted the world’s #1 dating coach. Adam's success comes from his incredible understanding of human psychology, social dynamics, personal decision making processes and his ability to read and understand motivation at levels that even clinical psychologists would be impressed.

Adam has been featured on major news shows for his ability to detect liars on the witness stand and has worked with governmental agencies to help train their people on some of the more advanced uses of persuasion and behavioral analysis.

Recently Adam began sharing his insights with corporations and businesses to help them increase their profits and productivity. His results have been amazing and the demand for his expertise is increasing.

I’ve invited Adam on the show to share his bacon wrapped strategy for using dating tactics in the business world and he shares his thoughts on “Positivity, Productivity and Profits”

In this interview with Adam,

06:40 – Getting voted #1 dating coach in the world
08:10 – Bringing Positivity, Productivity and Profits to an options-trading floor
13:00 – How dating psychology relates to business
13:41 – Does luck exist? Does positivity matter?
17:34 – How trading losses effect future behavior
20:06 – A lesson in risk taking
24:00 – The problem with guarantees
26:30 – On paying for advice
34:06 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Lyons’ method of accepting opportunities
40:00 – Taking failures off the wall and shifting your focus
44:17 – The importance of being open to new opportunities
47:56 – How and why to tell people what else you can do
51:00 – Solving big problems and making big profits
55:39 – Bacon wrapped recipe: Smoked bacon wrapped onion rings

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