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AJ Roberts

World Record Holder AJ Roberts Reveals How To Live Big In Business and Even Bigger In Life


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You're about to witness some serious Marketing Muscle in today's episode with AJ Roberts.  If it's true that “How you do one thing is how you do everything,” then it's no surprise that the man who conquered the world of powerlifting has made such a big splash in the marketing world…

Meet AJ Roberts…Fitpreneur, Marketing Icon, Iron-clad Teddy Bear

AJ Roberts is a fitness hall of famer with a world record squat and he's the bestselling co-author of the book Change Agents. He's a two time world record holder in powerlifting and rumor has it, he once made Chuck Norris do his dishes. (That's unsubstantiated, but since you're reading it on the internet, it must be true)

AJ is also the world's premiere fitness marketing consultant, pursued by gyms, supplement companies, trainers and anyone looking to take their revenue, business, and ultimately life to the highest levels.

He's also one the most sincere, genuine and gentle souls you could meet and has a gift for showing others how to dream bigger than they thought was possible while he helps them plan the steps necessary to achieve even the loftiest goals.

I invited AJ to the show so he can share with us his bacon wrapped strategies for getting guaranteed results, running a powerful referral system, and helping people get that mindset that anything is possible as long as you think huge.


Here’s what we discussed:

  • 7:09 – AJ’s back story growing up in England and moving to America
  • 9:54 – How to set higher goals
  • 10:21 – Greaking the all time world powerflifting record
  • 13:22 – Deciding to get his health back, losing weight and stepping on the bodybuilding stage
  • 14:13 – The power of delayed gratification and how to master it
  • 16:23 – How AJ chooses his coaches and his advice for you
  • 23:48 –  Building a vision around Growth, Experience, and Contribution
  • 25:42 – Living in a limited reality: Why people can’t think beyond their current situation
  • 27:41 – The importance of getting help from a mentor
  • 33:35 – Running The Fitness Profit Workshop and mastermind groups
  • 35:45 – People AJ is working with now
  • 43:22 – Implementing perfect referral systems
  • 48:54 – How to raise your fees and create the ripple effect
  • 54:14 – Selling what you do vs. selling the results
  • 59:34 – Outsourcing personal vs. business tasks, which should you delegate first?
  • 62:43 – Decision fatigue and how to avoid it


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