Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Could You Invent The Next Snuggie? Find Out How With John Hurley from Allstar Product Group


Meet John Hurley from Allstar Products Group, who uses direct response TV, aka Informercials to launch and consumer products.

But much more than TV, they also use retail, internet, social media, and PR to launch and integrate their products into our lives.

You may be familiar with some of their brands like the Snuggie, and my favorite, the Bacon Bowl.

John has worked on the creative team where he developed many of the infomercials you see on television and the direct response department where he worked closely with the web and tv vendors to run their commercials and launch brands, many of which became household names.

It’s HIS job to find the next big hit, potentially the next Snuggie!

I asked John to be on the show so I can figure out what it takes to launch a household product to a truly massive audience.

You’ll want to listen to this because maybe you have an idea now that you could take advantage of or maybe hearing what it takes to create one of these ideas spurs one that could change your life. Who knows. But we’re going to find out.

I will be asking John questions out of personal curiosity so I invite you to listen closely.

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