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The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles To Grow Your Business Like Amazon


Everyone knows that Amazon's success is driven by the genius of its founder Jeff Bezos. Regardless of you opinion of Bezos's methods, the growth of the company has been one of the most remarkable business successes in history.

But how did Bezos do it?  Clues to his success lie in Bezos' letters to shareholders. However they can be difficult reading for the average business owners.  Fortunately, my guest on the show today, Steve Anderson, has distilled them down into 14 principles that any business owner, large or small, can use to capitalize on the ideas and strategies used by Amazon to become a trillion-dollar company and produce the world's richest man.

In this episode we break down several of the principles and topics range from risk and reward, to customer obsession, the Amazon flywheel and the 3 types of decisions that every business owner makes.

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About The Guest: Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson has spent his 35+ year career helping the insurance industry understand, integrate, and leverage current and emerging technologies. From business management systems to social platforms, Steve can analyze what’s happening now and explain its implications for the future. For the last 20 years, he has crossed the nation speaking at places like SAFECO, AAA, Nationwide, as well as many state insurance associations. He is on the faculty of credentialing organizations teaching thousands of insurance professionals and is a
writer/contributor to multiple publications.  His website is

Steve’s first book, The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, (Morgan James Publishing), will be available in September 2019. In the book, Steve deconstructs Jeff Bezos’s personal letters to Amazon shareholders between 1997 and 2018, providing readers with a guide on the key takeaways and principles that Bezos leveraged in turning an online bookstore into a trillion-dollar company in just over two decades.

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