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Bond Halbert

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Nothing really happens until someone sells something…

Persuasive copywriting is as much an art as it is a skill.  Learning how to sell your own product or service effectively is arguably the most important skill any entrepreneur can possess. Copywriting is the skill of selling one-to-many.  Fortunes are made and lost by the skill of the copywriter, especially in direct response marketing.

In this world, few copywriters are as legendary and influential as the late, great Gary Halbert who is not only responsible for some of the best selling direct response ads in history but is also responsible for training some of today's top copywriters.  In fact, there's likely not a copywriter alive who has not been influenced in one form or another by Gary Halbert.

That's why today I'm very proud to bring you Gary's son and protege, Bond Halbert as my guest on Bacon Wrapped Business.

Meet Bond Halbert

Carrying the Halbert name in this industry could be a blessing or a curse.  To be raised by the “Prince of Print” and not walk away with a world class skill would be a tragedy, like being Michael Jordan's son and stepping on to the basketball court only to throw bricks and get every shot stuffed.

Fortunately, Bond Halbert paid attention to his “Pop” and soaked in an incredible marketing education, proving that his father's legacy will live on through Bond and the work that he and his brother Kevin Halbert are doing in their father's name.

I'm very honored to have Bond join me on today's episode where he not only gives us a peak at some of the insights his father shared with him, but how to use these concepts in today's marketing environment.

He'll also present his recent project, “The Gary Halbert Letter All Star Audio Series” which is a MUST for anyone serious about business.

In today's interview, Bond will share his secrets to solid copywriting, marketing tips and the importance of using “ The Big Idea “ strategy.


In This Episode We Discuss

02:30 – Growing up with Gary Halbert as a father
05:00 – The World Famous full page girlfriend Ad
06:25 – The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series
10:15 – Getting 13 of the world’s top copywriters to join in on the program
19:00 – The Importance of The Big Idea?
26:14 – Bacon wrapped strategy: How your subconscious finds The Big Idea
28:00 – How to borrow ideas from other industries
30:31 – The two types of masterminds that you need to be in
32:41 – Borrowing Brilliance
36:00 – How to write a modern day sales page
36:20 – The Jingle Experiment
39:00 – Your only goal should be _______.
41:32 – Digging into the story and answering the right questions
43:15 – Borrowing good offers from the news
47:20 – What really gets people’s attention
53:13 – Why people really buy Rolex watches
56:40 – Creating excuses so the prospect can defend their purchases
1:00:09 – Understanding what makes people tick
1:02:30 – How Bond writes copy
1:06:22 – The importance of having a writing routine
1:11:12 – Copywriter productivity hacks
1:16:30 – Who Bond works with and what he’s working on now


I do not suggest you download the All Start Audio Series below, I DEMAND it!  It's one of my favorite new resources and you can get a world class education for pennies at the links below…

The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series
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The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series
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Bond Halbert's Personal Site –

The Gary Halbert Letter: 

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