Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Unpacking Me with Dr. Laurie Emery


Who Is Brad Costanzo, really?

Today the table was turned and instead of me interviewing a guest, the guest is interviewing me… about me.   Sound narcissistic?  It would be if the interview was all about my wins, successes, skills, etc.  But this is very different.

You may recognize Dr. Laurie Emery from a previous episode when I interviewed HER.  (If not, you can watch it there).   Dr. Emery is a business and life transformation coach and one of the top experts in the world working with high performance individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and families.

And I hired her to work with me after that episode.

We were going to do our weekly private coaching session together but she suggested that she interviewed me for the podcast instead.  She only told me that she would be asking me to be very vulnerable with you about my life and my story.

Dr. Emery knows how to ask some very tough questions and this was no exception.

I've never been this real in full public before and now is your chance to hear what goes on in the space between my ears like never before.

Here's a few of the timestamped highlights in case you're in a rush for time:

  • 4:00  My personal brand:  The golden rolodex, making authentic connections and being a wikipedia of marketing knowledge, collecting skills, knowledge and connecting the dots between people, ideas and knowledge
  • 7:17 Why creating connections is important to me.
  • 9:00  What are some of the hardest lessons I’ve had? (Like losing EVERYTHING I had not once, but twice)
  • 11:20  What am I most passionate about?  My big struggle and who I envy.
  • 12:45  What am I afraid of in my relationship?
  • 13:45 Philosophy about what makes a relationship work?  Answer empathy
  • 15:30  What has to happen for me to have a life with no regrets?
  • 19:22 Who have been my biggest teachers?
  • 22:00  What do I think people learn from me?
  • 25:00 Fears of Vipassana Meditation  (Rob 26:25)
  • 29:00  What do I struggle with the most?  Answer: lack of clarity
  • 35:00  Changing the educational system.
  • 49:00 How I cope with my ADD
  • 54:25  What frustrates me the most about life?
  • 56:00  My saddest story
  • 1:01:00  What have I had to learn to tolerate and what’s been critical to success
  • 1:04:40  What’s next for me based on what I want to create?
  • 1:07:39  What’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life?

I do this because if you're going to invest your time and energy with me on this show, in life, as a friend or a client, I want you to know who I am.

If you enjoy this, if it resonates with you, please let me know.  Leave a comment in the space below and share this with your friends on social media if you think they'd benefit as well.

To learn more about Dr. Emery visit her site at

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