Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Can Performance Enhancing Brain Drugs And Nootropics Give You The Edge?

Have you seen the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper where one pill makes him a super genius (with crazy side effects?).

Have you taken Adderall, Modanifil, Ritalin or other drugs to help you focus?

Do you have trouble with focus, motivation and burnout?

Then this “episizzle” is going to be just what the doctor ordered.

That doctor is Dr. Andrew Hill, Lead Neuroscientist for truBrain, and a cofounder of Alternatives Addiction Treatment and has recently opened a peak brain performance center in Los Angeles named the Peak Brain Institute.

He's joined by Chris Thompson, the Founder and CEO of truBrain, an online food tech brand leveraging neuro-technology to disrupt the energy drink market with functional beverages that support direct focus instead of caffeine-induced alertness

– We're going to discuss the myths and realities of products like the “Limitless-pill” and if it really exists.
– What “Nootropics” do for your brain and why you may want to look into using them.
– The safety of today's nootropics
– The role of caffeine in your regimen
– How to make coffee work better for you
– How Nootropics differ from legal and illegal stimulants
– How to get better brain performance overall.

I've personally been using different Nootropic regimens for the past three years and that's why I invited Dr. Hill and Chris Thompson on the show today so I could pick their truBrains clean about how to get the most out of my noggin.

Want to try truBrain for yourself, go to and use coupon code: bacon for 25% off!

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