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Matt Stone: Killing Your Blog And Then “Killing It” On Amazon


Matt Stone is the author of more than 15 books, one of which was a #1 Amazon bestseller in it’s category for 17 straight months, and the co-founder of Archangel Ink – an audio book publishing company created by authors, for authors. I invited Matt (or was it Buck Flogging, his alter ego) on the show after stumbling upon his book, “Kill Your Blog: 12 Reasons Why You Should Stop F#$ing Blogging”, but got more than I had bargained for.

Matt shared his bacon wrapped strategy for publishing audio books with little to no capital, and how he was able to get a dozen audio books to rank in Kindle’s Top 30 & Top 100.

In this interview with Matt Stone

01:28 – Bacon wrapped welcome
02:00 – Amazon publishing, Matt Stone’s new book & more
03:00 – Kill Your Blog: 12 Reasons Why You Should Stop F#$ing Blogging by Buck Flogging
04:44 – What content marketers are doing wrong
05:32 – Using your blog to build your list and leverage Amazon
06:11 – Blogging vs. building a subscriber list
09:32 – 3 ways to drive traffic to your blog
12:00 – Identifying your most desired response from customers
12:40 – How to leverage Amazon to boost your blog
13:13 – The ultimate tool for Amazon
15:00 – Why you need 1,000 downloads in the first 24 to 48 hours
15:58 – Life time value of customer’s who buy your book vs. your blog
18:34 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Relationship building with “untouchables”
26:00 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Audio book publishing from scratch
28:46 – Audio books as a marketing channel
30:22 – Banking with Audible’s affiliate program
34:30 – Audio book production costs
36:36 – Why short non-fiction books are profitable in the audio book market
37:10 – Narrating your own book vs. hiring a professional narrator
40:10 – Is there a market for fiction books?
42:41 – The self-publisher’s call-to-action or lack there of
44:58 – Buck Flogging’s book publishing platform
48:00 – How to get in Kindle’s Top 100
53:27 – How to get in Kindle’s Top 30
55:32 – Getting the attention of influencers for JV partnerships
1:00:07 – Publishing with Archangel Ink
1:04:46 – Preferred genres for publishing
1:07:10 – Ghost writing
1:12:54 – How to get your bacon wrapped strategy on the show

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