Bushra Azhar

How Persuasion Strategist Bushra Azhar Grew Her Business To $40k/Month In Just 2 Years


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    Bushra Azhar started her business in July 2014 and in less than two years, she has created a business that brings in $40,000 per month and it’s still her part-time gig. Her conversions are off-the charts. She has an email open rate that is as high as 87% and a subscribers to buyers conversion rate of 22%.

    She's the brilliant and highly entertaining founder of The Persuasion Revolution http://www.thepersuasionrevolution.com/

    And today we talk about her journey and many highly effective ways to be more persuasive with your online and digital marketing.

    I really enjoyed Bushra's fun and playful attitude to persuasion and building rapport with an audience and she shared some great insights how you can do the same.


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