Bacon Bits: Change Is Good


    I'm all by myself on this one. No guests, just me and you.  And it's a short show with several topics I decided to discuss, that's why I call it “Bacon Bits.”

    I've been giving some thought to changing a bit of the format of the show and giving it more coherence based on what I'm doing in my life what I'd like to see the show become.

    I also divulge some personal stuff like where I struggle in business and in life and what I'm doing to overcome these struggles and be a better version of myself.

    You'll hear me talk about things like this:

    • Standing on the shoulders of giants.
    • You don't need to know everything as long as you know ___________.
    • Mentors, Masterminds and Books
    • Dealing with a lack of clarity
    • Personal challenges setting big goals
    • A new morning routine
    •  The importance of reading
    • 2 quotes on the importance of reading
    • My 2 greatest empowering beliefs about me

    Books Recommended In This Show

    Now, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  (And if you like this episizzle, share it)


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