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Client Voicemail: Getting CEO Appointments With Zero Phone Calls Or Emails


I just received an voicemail from a client (the audio above) who said he used some quick training I gave him to land appointments with CEO level executives (he's a B2B sales dude).

Best part, he hasn't made a single phone call or sent a single email, at least not himself.

Neil, as you'll hear, is paying me a lot of money for the strategy I gave him, but we MAY be able to go over the higher level points on an upcoming interview.

But only if you leave a comment below and let me know your interest level in this.

Tell me how it would help you. Tell me how much you love my show (I need a good ego-stroking).

Heck, tell me how much you're willing to invest in me teaching you exactly what I taught him. (Can't give the step-by-step away totally free, wouldn't be fair to the guy who stroked a 5 figure check to me to find out).

Let me know below.

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