Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

“Dirt Dog Millionaire” Reveals How To Do One Land Deal And Make 50-100X The Profit Vs. Flipping Houses Or Wholesaling… Without Experience And Without Using Your Own Money


Cody Bjugan was once dead broke, having lost everything only to reinvent himself and the land development business. In this episode he lays out exactly how anyone can capture the opportunity “hiding beneath your feet” using his simple methods of finding off market raw land and selling to homebuilders.

He's been a land developer for over 20 years and is the founder of Allied Development and VestRight – which has been teaching his methods to hundreds of students since 2019, resulting in many of them creating life changing wealth using the same method he details in this episode.

Want to learn how to do Land Deals like Cody?  Visit and see the special page he set up for you

What You'll Discover On This Exclusive Episode

  • How Land Deals Get 50-100X The Profit Per Deal vs. House Flipping & Wholesaling – What if you could get off the hamster wheel of house flipping and do a single deal that pays you as much as 100 house flips? Cody will show you.
  • Why there is so much profit in Land but so little competition for deals – Cody says off-market raw land is a “blue ocean” with very little competition and very big paydays… especially compared to normal real estate investing
  • The 5 Steps Involved In Every Land Deal – Nearly anyone can learn to do to find off market raw land with development potential which homebuilders are hungry to buy from you. Even if you have no real estate experience at all
  • Why​ No motivated sellers are needed to do 6-7 figures profit per deal – Tired of killing yourself trying to find motivated sellers? Cody makes his money from the buyers, not the sellers & everyone walks away happy & rich
  • How Cody lost everything and built it back up again even bigger – If you've ever been down and out and knew you could climb back, this story will inspire you to what's possible with the right vision
  • The reason Cody teaches his methods to others when he could just keep the profits for himself – Hint: It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with P.I.F. (revealed in the video)
  • How one of his students is on track to make over $2 million in profit – by only doing the first part of what Cody teaches and let's Cody's team to do the rest (must see!)




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