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Don Wilson

Profiting From Print On Demand with Gearbubble CEO Don Wilson


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The customized T-shirt and print on demand business is a very big industry and has put money in the pockets of many smart marketers. I've personally been using this in some of my own marketing campaigns and decided to reach out to the number one expert in this field, Don Wilson.

Don Wilson is the extremely successful founder of GearBubble, which allows marketers, artists, celebrities, and charities to crowdfund online by selling the most popular products with the best marketing tools available. They make print on demand items – mugs, jewelry, apparel, phone covers, etc. that you can use to boost your business. Tell them what you need and let them do all the hard work while you send the traffic and cash the checks.

Prior to founding Gearbubble, Don was (still is) one of the most successful Facebook marketers and instructors in the world. He has generated millions of dollars in his own campaigns and now that he owns a company that fulfills other marketer's campaigns, he is privy to what's really working and what's not.

That's why I invited him on the show to not only explain some of the big opportunities still out there, but to give me the skinny on how to do it even better.


  • How to capitalize on consumers' impulse buying habits 
  • Realistic expectations (it's not get rich quick)
  • How to minimize fail-points
  • How to pick the right product to sell.
  • Legal Concerns in the industry
  • IDEAS – Who to sell to, general designs, Facebook advertising strategies
  • Building your team effectively.
  • Sales funnel, flex ad, and matching-item upsells.
  • Taking your sales to Amazon 
  • Product life-cycle, scaling, narrowing/broadening your target audience.

Check out now. It's another profit center for your business, it's brain-dead simple, and you can integrate it into your own upsells. They have a live chat (during daytime hours) and lightning-fast support.

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