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How to Partner with Businesses to Monetize Their Brand With Eric Berman of Brandetize


Eric Berman is the founder/CEO of Brandetize, a full service, performance-based marketing agency that partners with esteemed thought leaders such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Phil Town, as well as consumer brands such as HeartMath, Aptera, Terasana, Davi Skin, Longbow and more .

Additionally, Eric has consulted for venture capitalists and successful companies at all levels including Club Med, Vessel Health, Fenix Space, PeakLogic, and more.

Lastly, Mr. Berman was one of the co-founders of, Inc., the largest and most visited college site in on the Internet in the year 2000 (“the first Facebook”), where from September 1993 until June 2000, Mr. Berman helped the company raise $75 million, oversaw several acquisitions and helped managed the growth of employees from 3 to 400. Berman had served in a variety of positions there including Chief Operating Officer, VP Corporate Development, VP Business Development and Director of Sales.

In This Episizzle, you'll hear:

  • How Eric's first venture College Club was the top 40th site on the internet and how he was days or months away from an early retirement before the dotcom bust hit.
  • How Eric pivoted to working with influencers like Brian Tracy and how he made Brian an offer he couldn't refuse
  • How Brandetize structures deals for their service with B2C companies and influencers to help them scale their business while reducing risk and increasing probability of success.
  • What challenges Eric and Brandetize are facing now and how they plan to overcome those.






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