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If Amazon And Clickbank Had Sex, “Fedora” Would Be Their Love Child


    Information marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. From home study courses to online membership sites. It's a mature industry but it's still growing like crazy because technology is making it easier and easier to self publish, build sites, and find niche markets to buy your information products.

    Today's episode features a great new technology that's easy to use, looks stunning and very affordable. The software is called Fedora check it out here.


    Fedora allows you to create your own **stunning online school** with no tech skills necessary and none of the hassles of dealing with merchant accounts and payments.

    Here's what it has to do with Amazon and Clickbank having a love child

    One of the numerous benefits of Amazon is that it's a marketplace that's easy to navigate, with a proven conversion process that gives users a wonderful experience. No matter what you are buying, the checkout process is the same. Consumers love that.

    Clickbank.com is platform where experts can create and sell information products and even recruit and army of affiliates without worrying about setting up their own ecommerce platform or shopping cart. You do however have to set up your own sales process, funnels, membership sites, etc… and no two sites are the same.

    (By the way, Clickbank should be paying close attention to this episode.)

    Years ago a new site popped up called Lynda.com as an online school to learn basically anything. They have thousands of online courses for $25 a month and you can create your own content and sell it on Lynda. They do approximately $100 million in revenue and there's no signs of slowing.

    Then a few years back Udemy.com sprang up using the same general business model and have seen tremendous success as well.

    They each created a place to go for online education that put the USER EXPERIENCE first in mind.

    But, as an information marketer, you lose a lot of control, flexibility and revenue generating potential if you only sell through these sites.

    Ankur Nagpal, CEO Fedora

    Enter Ankur Nagpal and Fedora

    Fedora is a very affordable software as a service that allows you to create stunning online schools with no tech headaches at all. They handle payments, affiliates, and everything else, but they give you control over your own school, instructors and brand.

    You get the seamless user experience and continuity of Amazon with the easy marketplace features of Clickbank.

    If you're anything like me and hate getting bogged down with technology and building sales pages and wasting time making things look pretty yourself when you just want to create great content and make money from it, then you're going to love today's show.

    I interview Ankur Nagpal about why he started Fedora, how you can use it and why you should be thinking about online schools like this for your own information marketing business.

    In a future episode I'll interview Chris Luck who has not only made millions with this model in multiple niches and is now teaching HOW to do this in his Membership Method.

    Now enjoy my talk with Ankur and learn how to use FEDORA to build your own online school.

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