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Five Star Freedom: How 2 Brilliant Women Freedom Hacked Their Way To 5 Star Travel



I've been wanting to do this podcast for several years now. Alexandra Cattoni and Leanne Kallal are 2 very close friends of mine and 2 of the smartest business women I know.

Both of them are successful entrepreneurs, consultants and thought leaders who give massive value to their communities and clients in uniquely effective ways.

But today we're talking about one of their juiciest genius moves that I've wanted them to reveal for a very long time.

Several years ago they discovered a way to use their social media skills (not influencer skills) to SCORE 30 NIGHTS AT A 5-STAR RESORT ON ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES TOTALLY FREE…

Their story is amazing and now they're revealing exactly how they did it at

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