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Ambitious Adventures With Greg Rollett


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Greg Rollett is the cofounder of, a best-selling author and marketing genius who works with experts, authors and entrepreneurs all over the world. He utilizes the power of new media, direct response and personality-driven marketing to attract more clients and to create more freedom in the businesses and lives of his clients. He is also the CEO of Celebrity Expert Marketing.

Little known fact: Greg started his business career when he chose to start a hip-hop act called the Bruglazz and a record label as his senior project in high school.

Now his most Ambitious Adventure is the crowdfunded launch of his new reality TV show named, Ambitious Adventures.  See a preview below.

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What do they do at Celebrity Expert Marketing?  They brand people, just like companies brand brands and help them become a celebrity in their marketplace. They bring some of the world's top experts into their studios in Orlando, FL where they teach free live classes centered around starting a business, growing a business, and using that business to live a more ambitious life. A “Freemium” education model.  It's free if you watch it live, and then people can purchase access if they want to own the course.

Here are some of the highlights you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why the only true USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is YOU and how to get it right.
  • Celebrity Branding tries to do everything in their power to help their clients who are in very competition-heavy, very commoditized markets to have their personalities shine and have that be the reason that people work with you.
  • They work with a lot of financial advisers, financial services, but A) no one trusts a financial adviser, and B) they're all hocking the same product, especially if they all work at a big house. So why should people trust them? You have to make a case for your story; for who you are; for why people should trust you.
  • How to use media to build trust effectively by telling your story, your positioning, your point-of-view, your perspective on things to your marketplace
  • Greg uses books, TV, major magazines, newspapers, documentaries, etc.
  • Greg is currently looking for people who help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses, or work on the personal development side. His focus is on entrepreneurs.
  • With as much saturation as we think is out there, there’s still a huge opportunity for people to start blogs, podcasts, video shows, do live video, etc. N
  • It’s not just about the newest trend. So if you suck at doing live video… don’t do live video. If you’re great at writing, start a blog. Find what you’re good at.
  • Spend money on production and to make it unique.
  • Don’t be scared to put your personality into it. If you sound like everyone else, then you’ll just get muddled in the crowd. Be yourself and stand out.
  • As you’re building media, really think about: what are your opinions of authority? What are the things you uniquely believe as facts, but that really are opinions, and beat them into people like it’s a religion.

Greg is currently looking for people that can bring him into international markets. Teaching entrepreneurial skills to people in other countries can help their economies.

If you’d like to work with Greg, you can contact Brad at to get the ball rolling.

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