Pre-Interview Preparation and Questions

Brad_021We are very excited to have you as a guest on the Bacon Wrapped Business Podcast and I wanted to touch base before your show.  My interview style is very much a free flow conversation, with my only desire is to make it interesting for both you, me and of course the audience.

Interviews are typically 30 – 60 minutes depending on the flow of the conversation.

Conducted via Skype or on a conference line if Skype is unavailable.

That said, here are a few facts and resources about the show along with a couple important questions for you to answer prior to the interview.

Listener demographic:
Business owners and entrepreneurs, both experienced and new. Though I mainly speak to existing business owners. Most will have experience in digital marketing and media. Some will be authors and experts.

Topics: I personally like to get into advanced discussions instead of keeping it super basic and let people find your website or anything else in order to get more details on the overall background and basics.

“Bacon Wrapped” concept: They say “everything’s better with bacon” and anytime you wrap bacon around a food it becomes better with a unique flavor. The reason you were invited to the show is because I feel you bring a unique viewpoint to our listeners that will be fun, memorable and useful for them.