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R. Michael Anderson

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Meet R. Michael Anderson

What is success without happiness? How do you define happiness? Does the definition of happiness change depending on where you're at in your life and how you view it?

Today we cover a topic that applies to everyone.

Joining me on this show is R. Michael Anderson, international speaker, radio-show host, and author who specialize in leading competitive, driven people through the same transformation that he’s been through, bringing joy and happiness into their lives.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • 04:23 – How Michael defines happiness
  • 08:30 – Michael’s book “The Experiment
  • 12:04 – External motivation vs. Internal motivation
  • 15:40 – The fear of having a positive mindset and losing the your edge
  • 16:45 – How to become 4x more creative and 300% more engaged
  • 18:06 – Uncomfortable happiness
  • 21:00 – Changing your definition of success to trying
  • 23:45 – Who Michael works with
  • 25:50 – Bringing spirituality into everyday life
  • 26:45 – The power of a gratitude and impact journal
  • 28:30 – Finding good fortune
  • 30:00 – Booking Michael for speaking gigs
  • 31:20 – Michael’s upcoming projects
  • 32:25 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Leveraging association
  • 33:45 – Bacon wrapped strategy: speaking a company’s language


For more information on R. Michael Anderson and his incredible work, visit:

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