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How To Build A Second Brain with Tiago Forte


Ever wished you could remember everything you learn, take better notes, recall what you read and access it anytime? You don't need to be a genius, you need a “Second Brain”… that's what Tiago Forte of Forte Labs developed, a systematic and comprehensive way to get more out of everything you learn with a uniquely effective way to take digital notes.

He's the founder of and joins me on the show today as we geek out about knowledge.

A couple of the tools we mentioned briefly in the show include:

UPDATE: 6/17/2022 Tiago's new book by the same name JUST released and you can get it here.

BONUS: Part 2 Begins 36 minutes in as Tiago turns the table and interviews me (Brad Costanzo) about topics like:

  • How to buy and sell course based products,
  • What makes a company valuable and sellable
  • and out-of-the-box ways to do creative deals and monetize your knowledge.

So in many ways, this episode episizzle is like a two-fer-0ne deal. Enjoy!


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