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Liam Austin

How To Run A Profitable Virtual Summit with Liam Austin


Want to build a large audience, email list and authority in a marketplace by piggybacking on the expertise of others? A “Virtual Summit” might be the answer you're looking for. Virtual Summits are simply online events where a host interviews multiple experts in a field one at a time and provides free access to the live “airing” of the summit to email registrants. The business model is to sell access to the on-demand recordings along with multiple bonuses.

This is a powerful business model I personally have expertise in and have done multiple in the past. I plan on doing more in the future and that's why I invited Liam Austin to explain his method of doing virtual summits.

Who is Liam Austin?

Liam has launched and hosted 14 virtual summits and interviewed over 400 experts. He is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, which delivers one marketing tactic from a proven entrepreneur to your inbox daily. His mission is to make it easy for anyone to learn and utilize the strategies of proven entrepreneurs for their business.

5 Core Benefits of Virtual Summits

  1. Grow your email lists
  2. Build relationships with the speakers
  3. Build your own authority
  4. Generate revenue
  5. Impact and help a cause

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