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JJ Ramberg

Publicity Secrets and Shopfunding with MSNBC Host JJ Ramberg


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JJ Ramberg is the host of MSNBC's “Your Business” and the co-founder of

One of the biggest highlights for me was when she told me exactly how to pitch your story to journalists and big media hosts like herself with a higher chance of getting accepted (and what not to do). Pay close attention to this tip as it's worth millions in the right hands.

You'll hear how JJ started Goodshop in 2005 and has raised over $12 million for charities by allowing people to simply shop online. They work with thousands of stores including Apple,, Staples, Kohls, Target, and Toms Shoes

She'll discuss how Goodshop Give is the world's first-ever **shopfunding** site.  Tell them who you want to support, or create a new cause of your own. Thousands of stores with 500,000 coupons such as Apple,, Staples, Kohls, Target, and Toms Shoes.

They donate for free when you shop, like magic.

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