Jonathan DeCollibus: Closing More Sales With Less Effort - Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo


    Jonathan DeCollibus is the “Closing Mentor”. After becoming an expert in sales, he decided to pursue his passion for teaching others to do the same.

    Jonathan was once a typical 15-year old farm boy from California, but after getting a glimpse of the Forbes magazine cover, he decided he’d be rich. He went on to eventually build and sell companies in industries ranging from residential construction, organic beef distribution, international marketing consulting, and many others.

    Knowing how to sell is extremely important. It’s one of the noblest professions there is. It's the one thing that you will not learn in college or anywhere except in the trenches of doing it or with mentors. I’ve invited Jonathan on the show so he can share with us his bacon wrapped strategies for mastering the art of selling.

    Here’s what we discussed:

    05:23 – Who he's working with and how he’s serving them
    06:36 – Jonathan's background in sales
    07:23 – Getting his inspiration from a Forbes magazine
    08:07 – Working as a 15-year old kid knocking on doors
    08:33 – His secret strategy:  the reverse rocket launch strategy
    09:30 – Selling his way out of any problem
    10:00 – What he decided to do after selling his company
    11:38 – Who Jonathan works with
    12:22 – The number one mistake entrepreneurs make
    13:49 – The power of “pillow talk”
    14:31 – One concept of copywriting: the dominant ________ release
    16:40 – How Jonathan elicits the pillow talks and inner core desires
    17:15 – Identifying the pain points of the customers with Amazon
    19:18 – The 3-Step Process in Selling
    21:41 – Preemptive selling vs. defensive selling
    22:57 – How to be vulnerable
    26:50 – Bacon-wrapped strategy: Drop all the scripts
    27:16 – The value of structure
    28:48 – An example of clearing the path
    31:33 – Dealing with people's objections on the front end
    32:48 – The five primary objections
    33:46 – Overcoming objections with _________
    33:51 – The art of story selling
    35:32 – The 2 parts of sales
    36:40 – Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross
    38:25 – Solving the desperation issue
    39:15 – Jonathan’s quick shout out to Ben Pottinger
    41:18 – Tool of the Day:
    43:50 – Jonathan’s upcoming projects


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