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Jordan Harbinger Reveals the Art of Charm and Podcasting Success


Jordan Harbinger is a charmer. That's part of what he does for a living. A lawyer turned social dynamics expert, he’s is the owner and co-founder of The Art of Charm (AOC), where ordinary guys become extraordinary men. Jordan is also the host of The Art of Charm Podcast which can often be found raking at the top of iTunes.

Jordan began teaching men to become better with women and transitioned to teaching men to become better men.

In fact, former soldiers, intelligence agents, and ultra successful entrepreneurs can be found on the roster on any given day at The Art of Charm Academy.

I’ve invited Jordan on the show to reveal why The Art of Charm goes beyond dating and his seven year journey to podcasting success.

Here's what we discussed:

03:30 – Mastering emotional intelligence
05:25 – Helping soldiers with PTSD readjust
08:00 – Why all champions have a coach
11:55 – The parallel between dating and business
15:00 – Podcasting vs satellite radio
17:15 – Apple CarPlay and the future of podcasting
19:37 – Bacon wrapped strategy: The Art of Charm Model
24:30 – Why you should value your time
28:45 – Should you pay for coaching?
32:20 – The power of having your own podcast
35:13 – Bacon wrapped strategy: How to land bigger interviews
38:25 – How one interview netted 1,200 new subscribers in 48 hours for a single guest
41:12 – Why you should be creating a platform

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