How To Land 6 Figure Clients On Demand With Kelly Fidel


    Want to tap into much bigger clients and generate game-changing revenue, no matter where you're starting? This show is for you.  Small clients are fine, but big clients are often easier to work with and much more lucrative. Enter Kelly Fidel, the woman who helps women (and men) not only “break” the glass ceiling, she removes it completely.

    Meet Kelly Fidel

    Kelly Fidel is a Premier Sales Expert, Business Strategist and Entrepreneur Mentor and owner of “No Glass Ceiling” training and events.

    Kelly's superpower is to be able to unlock anywhere business and client opportunities from 6 figures to over $560,000 in a business that people don’t even see.

    You’re probably stepping over money and leaving it all over the table and floor. I’m really excited for you guys to be able to learn from her so that you can take these strategies that she’s going to share with you, and implement them into your business. So, that you can go out and start with the right kind of clients that you want, right now, today. This week, and not have to wait any longer.

    I’m going to share with you just a little bit about Kelly and some of the cool stuff that she’s doing. She has an amazing background. She came out of corporate America, worked with some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies in the world, where she sat and competed in the boardroom for the WIN. Later, she left corporate to have her family.

    She got bored being a stay at home mom (EVEN though she loves her boys) and built a couple of business to 7 figure and sold them. Now, what’s really unique is that she watched the struggle of a lot of entrepreneurs, just like a lot of us on the line. She just decided that instead of going back to the big bucks companies, to really help entrepreneurs grow six and seven figure businesses.

    Known as “The Dealmaker” … Today, she helps entrepreneurs UP LEVEL their own game by working with high paying affluent entrepreneurs, landing lucrative small to mid sized companies as well as big corporations. Her clients include MGM, Zappos, Warner Brothers, Mercedes Benz and a host of about 200 small and mid sized companies.

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    The No Glass Ceiling Live event in Las Vegas on October 9-11 is normally $1,495 and rising.

    However when you go to
    Kelly will take off $1,000 off the price of registration.

    (That price is only promised til Sept 5, 2014 however)

    Visit her in Vegas, you'll be glad you did.


    Here’s what we discussed:

    3:51 – Helping female entrepreneurs
    4:26 – Gender discrimination
    6:13 – Starting her sales career at the age of 9 selling _________
    7:16 – From ejecting from college to competing in Fortune 100 boardrooms
    7:55 – How Kelly found her Mission
    9:01 – The mission and vision of No Glass Ceiling
    9:17 – What Kelly will give before she dies: ____________ and ___________
    10:26 – Who are the types six-figure clients Kelly serves
    13:06 – Stories of success
    19:17 – How to raise your rates
    21:43 – Identifying pricing with your own value vs. the result you get for your client
    26:04 – Breaking through the barriers and understanding where the value comes from
    27:26 – An actionable strategy that people can land a piece of business: Associations
    28:18 – How to tap into associations and become their “__________”
    30:47 – How to do a Client Appreciation Day for massive leads
    35:35 – The fatal mistake entrepreneurs and salespeople make in selling
    36:01 – Why some people can’t close a deal
    37:03 – What Kelly and her clients are doing more effective than others are
    38:26 – How Kelly closed the MGM Resorts in three-call close in one week
    40:51 – How leaving a simple voicemail turned into a massive deal
    48:15 – Time and value are __________ when it comes to working with anybody.
    49:13 – Using Jim Camp’s Start With No strategy
    50:43 – How to deal with a demanding client
    51:16 – Managing expectations
    53:09 – The biggest challenge a lot of people have
    57:06 – About the No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference in October
    59:11 – Getting results in advance through the pre-event training
    58:31 – The great things to expect from attending the conference
    60:34 – An ecosystem within the event and other things Kelly is involved in
    1:03:20 – A special surprise for the Bacon Wrapped Business podcast audience!
    1:07:07 – Sign up for free membership at No Glass Ceiling and get free full access to training, interviews, & more.
    1:07:56 – Kelly’s mentors: people who have made the biggest impact on her life and career
    1:09:10 – What Kelly digs about Brad Costanzo (aka Brad's Favorite part of the show obviously)
    1:10:00 – Dan Sullivan’s book, Unique Ability: Asking other people how they see you

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