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Reverse Engineering Success With Kent Clothier


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If you want to watch someone build a legacy in real time, simply pay attention to what Kent Clothier is doing in his life and with his business. Kent is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, where he leads an amazing team of individuals that are focused on building disruptive systems, software and techniques that help real estate investors and professionals achieve astounding success in less time.  In 2015, Kent became the only family to have FOUR businesses on the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies.

And for the past 2.5 years I was proud to be a part of that growth, helping to direct the marketing strategies, campaigns and operations during a very high-growth period in his company.

Kent started off as a client of mine, became a friend, and then a business partner, but most importantly a valuable mentor in my life as well.  I think of him as a “Friend-tor.”

So in this episode, which has been 2 years too late, I wanted to dig in deeper and ask Kent questions that I might not already know the answer to and help pull out the advice he has for entrepreneurs, whether they are in real estate or any industry.

You'll hear how Kent started off in business in his early 20's trading groceries for a profit and built that business, and the business that acquired it, into a $2 billion a year industry-leader. This put millions of dollars into his pocket before he was 30 years old.  And you'll hear how a bold but stupid move caused him to lose everything he had within a year only to rebuild his fortune bigger and better in the real estate industry, systematically dominating every market he entered using a principle called “Reverse Wholesaling” that he learned in the grocery business.

Most importantly, you'll hear Kent's unwavering focus on what's important in his life, maximizing every moment with his family and friends, very consciously designing his life the way he wants it and encouraging others to do to the same with his message that “The Time Is Now”

Here are just a few of the highlights from this episode:

  • What is Real Estate wholesaling and how does it work?
  • What is really holding people back from success?
  • The importance of your mindset on everything you do.
  • Facing the reality of time. It is reckless and irresponsible to act like you have all the time in the world. You don’t.
  • Fighting for your dream.
  • Paying for your time. Mundane things, in business and in your personal life, need to be done. Paying someone for an hour of work is paying for an hour of your time to do whatever you need to do – spend time with family, exercising, relaxing, etc.
  • Is it worth it to spend a large amount of money on something like a business coach or consultant?
  • The benefits of a Visionary/Integrator relationship.
  • Kent benefited from having a lot of mentors over the years. Do you have a mentor?
  • Opportunities in Wholesaling and Real Estate.

Kent and his team are always looking for:

  • People who want to learn how to buy/sell real estate and turn it into a job or business.
  • People who are looking to buy/sell in a passive way and want a professional team to manage it all for them.
  • People who are good at online marketing or sales.

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