The Dirty Little Secret of Online Sales Funnels with Kim Snider


    Kim Snider has started 14 (ad)ventures, ranging from restaurants, to a training video site for polo players. She has made and lost millions. But that is a story for another day. Or you can read about it in her book, How To Be The Family CFO.

    Kim is also the founder of

    In this “Guest Host” episode,

    • Kim is going to explain the concept behind reversing your funnel and reveal the “dirty secret” behind much most online sales funnels and how to fix it.
    • How most “micropreneurs” are doomed if they don't understand what happens to 80% of even the best marketers.
    • Where the biggest impact on revenue and profit is and why most people are looking at the wrong end of their sales funnel
    • How to spot profit leaks in a funnel
    • and much more

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