Mitch Axelrod on Licensing & The New Game Of Intellectual Property


    This is a game-changing episode for anyone who listens.

    Redefining intellectual property and the way it's used to create massive opportunities is today's topic and our guest host is #1 Bestselling Author, Mitch Axelrod, one of the leading experts on IP, Content-Capitalism and the New Game of Business.

    Are you an author, expert, consultant, information product creator? You absolutely must hear this method of exploding your opportunities. Few others are talking about this game and you can be one of the first to master it.

    Do you own a business and you're looking for proven ways to multiply your profits? We'll show you how to borrow the brilliance of content capitalists and leverage and license your way to easy revenue streams that you likely didn't know existed.

    That will change at the end of this episode.

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