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Inside The Entrepreneur’s Mind With Los Silva


Los Silva is a successful serial entrepreneur, cofounder of He's a brilliant businessman, expert deal-maker, business development specialist and one of my closest personal friends and confidants. He's also the person who first inspired me to create a podcast and get this out in the world.

Los and I speak daily and help each other develop into better entrepreneurs and better people. We serve as each others psychologist and sounding board and share each other's victories. We are cut from the same cloth and often feel like we're living inside the same head.

That's why I invited Los on the show today to have an open discussion about the topics we talk most about so that you can benefit from what happens behind the scenes.

Part 1/3: Inside the (sometimes dark) entrepreneurial mind

Starting off on a low note, we discuss what REALLY goes through the minds of entrepreneurs like us and many people we're close with.

Do you feel like your struggling, frustrated, in fear of failure of being found out as a fraud?  You're not alone.  We'll tell you what we feel, what we do about it and show you that no matter how successful you are, you're not alone.

Part 2/3: Building authentic connections with influencers without being a cheesy networker

Picking up where part 1 left off, we dive into how both of us approach networking and building authentic connections with other entrepreneurs and thought leaders which have allowed each of us to grow massive and influential networks and masterminds that have waiting lists to get into.

You'll hear several key takeaways including how to start your very own dinner-network with influencers in your town.

Part 3/3: Building your business with remarkable referrals

Obviously when we wrap up the series, we do it with Bacon.  So Los shares his strategy for getting referrals, especially as it pertains to high level referrals into his Black Label Mastermind.

We also share several book recommendations, such as The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, Purple Cow by Seth Godin and a few others…

Tools to keep you connected with your network like Contactually, Tout and more

Los also gives his favorite apps for staying balanced and productive.

Finally, in this episode I shared a new strategy with you to help us connect even better.

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More to come!

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