Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Unique Ways To Monetize A Podcast With Luis Congdon


This podcast has been responsible for some remarkable business opportunities since I started it in 2014. But many people notice that I'm not selling ads and sponsorships or making direct offers so they wonder how I'm monetizing it.

The fact that this show, without direct monetization has produced over a half million dollars in profits in the past few years surprises many people because they can't understand how it makes money.

Today I'm going to explain a bit more about how that works and I've brought on guest Luis Congdon from Thriving Launch podcast to help discuss other unique ways to monetize a podcast besides the well-known methods of sponsorships or direct sales of products.

Luis is an accomplished podcaster, course creator and digital marketing expert and his show has changed his life in more ways than one.

Listen in closely especially if you've ever considered creating a show but have been on the fence or if you haven't considered it but you're open to having your mind changed.

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