Luke Jaten: Direct Response Veteran On The Basics of Green


    Luke Jaten is a direct response marketing veteran with 26 years in the business. We met a few years back when I went through his PostCard Profits course, but today we'll be talking physical products, and what it takes to get this type of business off the ground.

    I invited Luke on the show to share his bacon wrapped strategy for launching a physical product business, and to share how the disciplines he acquired in direct response translated into his new venture.

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    In this interview with Luke Jaten

    05:58 – Luke’s 26 year career in direct response marketing
    07:50 – Understanding customer psychology before copy writing
    09:30 – 75% failure rate from following the proven plan
    10:34 – Contrarian marketing
    12:45 – Is niche marketing constrained?
    15:15 – Watch what they do, not what they say
    16:16 – Luke’s Basic Greens product
    18:00 – Facing launch fears head-on
    18:30 – The downside of info marketing
    20:43 – Finding the right product without making false claims
    22:33 – Is there a market for protein powder?
    24:55 – The juice blues and outsourcing to Whole Foods
    26:30 – Discovering a market and testing the formula
    28:21 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Fusing direct response and design
    30:55 – The capital intensive process of physical products
    33:55 – Get big fast and do more good
    36:40 – The difference between hard work vs lots of work
    39:00 – Should you take your customer service calls?
    43:17 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Outsourcing vs keeping things in house
    46:19 – The importance of copy writing (even if you’re outsourcing)
    49:12 – The ready, fire, aim mentality
    50:57 – Getting the packaging right
    54:09 – Launch budget for physical products
    57:47 – Getting started with private labeling

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