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The Yoga of Business Success with Mariko Hirakawa


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In her late twenties, Mariko Hirakawa transitioned from life as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer to becoming a full-time yoga instructor. She has studied pre-medical courses at NYU, Chinese medicine at an acupuncture school, energy healing & shiatsu from a Master, and Ayurveda – a time-tested system of healing that integrates seamlessly with yoga. After

Mariko Hirakawa

extensive study with experts and 27 years of yoga instruction experience, Mariko has become an internationally recognized yoga and Ayurveda expert.

Mariko has since founded Visionary Yoga, an interdisciplinary approach to peak performance and personal mastery by blending the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurvedic traditions with the latest research on brain science and personal development. She works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and high performers to create a highly attuned physical, mental and emotional state for optimal performance.

But how does this relate to you? Let’s unpack Mariko’s teachings…

  • How to identify fear and other mental blocks…and eliminate them on the spot
  • How shifting your mindset and thinking with your limiters turned off will revolutionize every area of your life; from business to relationships
  • Why creating a Not-To-Do list is the step you’re missing to complete your To-Do list
  • Why corporate retreats are the key to reigniting your business relationships
  • Bonus Tip: How to reach out to influencers and get a positive response every time


“How many patterns and experiences do you have to go through in order to realize you have a limiting belief? But if you do this on a daily basis…you do a self inquiry on what is the limiting belief that's holding me up today…and where does it live in my body? Just spend five minutes working with that and, in its place, install a brand new belief…[and] as long as you [are] taking the trouble to install a new belief, you might as well make it as awesome as possible.”



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