The Mark Anthony Bates: “One Degree Of Separation”


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    Mark Anthony Bates has been called a “Jack of all trades” with good reason. Not only is he one of the most connected people I know, he has essentially done every type of deal under the sun – Advertising, coaching, distribution, you name it. His pursuit for businesses the stimulate his curiosity is unmatched, and makes for a diverse palette of knowledge and expertise. If not anything else, an intriguing conversation.

    I invited Mark on the show to share his bacon wrapped strategy for organic relationship building, and creating “hidden gem” business opportunities.

    In this interview with Mark Anthony:

    02:40 – What does he do?
    04:15 – Why you should listen more than you talk
    05:20 – The law of attention vs. the law of attraction
    07:00 – How to build relationships organically?
    11:00 – THE Mark Anthony Bates: A Jack of all trades
    12:12 – Delivering presentations with passion
    14:28 – Think, feel, do
    16:14 – Coaching income vs. agency income
    19:17 – Is there really a lack of opportunity in the world?
    20:15 – In-person SEO
    22:16 – Shifting your focus from the outcome to the process
    23:36 – Contributing to the success of others
    27:20 – Why you need to surround yourself around people who execute and implement
    30:55 – The problem with leaving a legacy
    34:18 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Creating precieved value for hotel key cards
    41:51 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Why not, who do I know, and what can I do now?
    49:40 – Mark’s PFM model
    51:11 – How much money is enough?
    54:21 – Knowing your exit strategy
    56:00 – Bacon wrapped strategy: Branding your company vs. branding yourself
    1:02:05 – How to reach influencers via Facebook?
    1:03:26 – The importance of making people laugh and remember you
    1:05:30 – Why bacon wrapped business is wrapped in bacon


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