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How Otomo App Is Disrupting Fintech and Personal Savings Plans


What if you could create simple rules for all your income and tie them to any number of goals?

For instance, what if you could say “Make 10% of my income from XYZ Source only be sent to a sub-savings-account for a downpayment on a house, but skip saving if my account balance is less than $1,000?”

Or if you could automate the savings from a Profit First methodology instead of manually reconciling accounts?

You can, and that's just the tip of the iceberg here with the innovative fintech startup Otomo Enterprise. 

CEO and founder Khellar Crawford built intelligent automation into the way your income flows while he creates a “bank for the Blade Runner era” he says.

In the startup world, knowing how and when to pivot is critical to success. The right pivot can turn a company into a billion dollar unicorn. Failure to pivot can lead to obscurity.

Otomo app started as a B2C idea and would have involved investing massive amounts of time, energy and capital into consumer awareness, adoption and activation.

However, when Khellar Crawford noticed how much interest his patented technology was receiving from financial institutions and other fintech founders and services like Fully-Verified, looking to license and integrate his technology, he pivoted to become an integral player in the B2B2C market, thus opening a tremendous opportunity for massive adoption on the back of other companies customers and clients.

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